Our Identity, Logo, Tagline and Colors – what do they represent and convey?

Our Logo:

Our Logo is a graphical interpretation of Jnana Mudra by using the initial of the company’s name : ‘D’.

In Jnana Mudra the index finger is bent so that its tip is joined with the tip of the thumb, the other three fingers are spread out. Jnana Mudra is an ancient gesture which is known globally. Its gesture of knowledge, art, craft and excellence. The logo defines DIGNITY not only as manufacturers of fine handicraft floorings, but also as a rich legacy of decades which is carried forward by generations.


The BROWN colour indicates Soil & Growth. It is associated with our roots and our long term association with our weavers. GOLD colour reflects luxurious craftmanship and unmatched lifestyle.


Our tagline “flooring your lifestyle” describes the most distinguishing and valuable core of our brand, by communicating the combinations of “You” and “Us” which simply means “Your Imagination – Our Creation” and “Your lifestyle – Our style”.