From concept to execution, Dignity Rugs houses the expertise to provide complete array of services necessary for successful project completion i.e. Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving, In-house Washing, Finishing, Inspection, Packing and Dispatch of final products. These activities are pillared on continuous focus on Research and Development.

For Hotel projects, we understand what “Quality and Time” mean. We ensure desired Quality at all stages of production and Timely updates on the progress of strike offs/full orders through Images and Videos.

Our Facility and Team include:

  • Raw Material Experts
  • Dyeing & Spinning Plant
  • Artisans and Designers
  • Quality Analysts
  • Weavers
  •  Washing and Dyeing
  • Finishing and Packing

Types of Order Undertaken:

We cater to different requirements of our buyers such as:

  • Programmed Orders
  • Custom Orders
  • Express Orders
  • Sample Orders